Dog Training, Customized for You and Your Pup

At UpwardPup Home Dog Training, we provide customized, in-home dog training to meet a variety of needs.

And, we offer a free phone consultation.

Does your puppy need potty training? Does your Jack Russell jump up on guests? Maybe your corgi countersurfs? (ha, we’d like to see that!) We can help!

What We Do

If you’re looking for the top dog trainer in your area, you’ve come to the right place. We’re based in Damascus, MD, and offer in-home dog training in Upper Montgomery, Howard, Carroll, and Frederick Counties.

Puppy Training

Start your puppy off on the right paw. Puppies are the perfect age to start training, before problem behaviors start to occur. Sometimes, all you need is some help with potty training or crate training. Other times, a puppy’s nipping or biting becomes problematic. Learning to walk on a leash is another area we frequently train. Start puppy training now, before these behaviors become ingrained.

Dog Training for Behavioral Problems

Dealing with behavior issues is frustrating, and can lessen the enjoyment you get from spending time with your dog. We’ve worked with it all: pulling on leash, barging out of crates, jumping up, barking, aggression, and more. Training your pup in your home offers great insight as to why many problem behaviors occur, and helps us to resolve those issues. First, we’ll talk with you to find out what your goals are. Then, we’ll build a solid foundation of leadership and consistency. Next, we’ll work on specific problems, correcting the bad behaviors and rewarding the good behavior. This does take regular practice, but the result is a well-behaved dog. Our clients often comment, after seeing their dog sit quietly and wait patiently for the first time, “I’ve never seen him DO that before!”

Obedience Training

Sometimes, a dog just needs better manners. Training your puppy or adult dog to sit, stay, and come (recall) are some of the basics. We don’t have a set of commands we like to teach; instead, we’ll work with you to determine what will be useful to you.

Perhaps you need a combination of the above. No problem at all- our training is customized for you and your pup!

What You Can Expect

Give us a call, and you’ll speak with our trainer, not a front desk person. First, we’ll take the time to talk with you and find out what you’d like to accomplish with dog training. Then, after each lesson, we’ll send you a summary of what to work on.

What Our Clients Say

Jim has been great in training us to train our dog Loki. He is professional, keeps it real, has a sense of humor, and is personable. I love that he comes to our home and works with the issues we are having and seeing things first hand. It has been a pleasure working with him!

Sharon L.

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