Dog Training Services

We do all of our training in- home. Why? We’re glad you asked.

Because many behavior issues happen in the home: barking, jumping up on guests, chewing excessive barking, counter surfing, etc., the most effective way to correct these behaviors is to do it in the environment where they occur.

In addition, there are fewer other exciting sounds, sights, and smells to distract your dog inside your home than there would be at a dog park, pet store, or group training environment. So, we first need to achieve success in the house, where it’s easier for your dog to focus on you.

And of course, working with you and your dog individually, in your home, allows us to focus on YOUR goals. No cookie cutter approaches or sets of must-know commands here!

You can buy a number of sessions up front, or simply pay as you go. Contact us for session rates.

If you’re adopting a dog, and the rescue or shelter requires training in order to adopt, be sure to ask about our discount for this.