Here are just a few of the many reviews for our dog trainer, Jim Huband

I would certainly share my experience and give a great reference if someone wanted to get training. I liked the fact that we worked in our own environment and I could see and use the techniques right away-and get feedback on my own success. It was also important and appreciated that even after redirection exercises, my dog still came when called and was cheerful.

– Deb Y., Gaithersburg, MD

When we adopted our new pup we certainly knew that training would be in order, for us as much as the dog, and we contacted Jim after catching some very positive reviews. We were particularly drawn to the service after learning that there were no physical actions or training aids involved (e-collars, clickers, etc) and after few weeks, I can attest that Jim does not disappoint. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and are easy to pick up and maintain. We look forward to continuing to work with him and fostering positive behaviors in our pup. Thank you, Jim!

-Aaron T., Damascus, MD

Jim Huband was the most professional trainer I have ever met. He explained expectations clearly and was amazing in dealing with our puppy, Sammy during his first visit. Jim answered all of our questions and taught me how to get Sammy to sit quietly and wait to be invited out of his crate, wait to be invited out the back door, stop being too aggressive with our older dog, and walk without pulling on the leash. I highly recommend Jim Huband and was 100% satisfied with my training experience!

-Linda W., Gaithersburg, MD

Today was the first day we met with Jim. Our puppy has been with us a little over a month. She has been testing us hard. Very hard to walk on a leash. Would not even eat out of her bowl. Jim taught us today some ways to be pack leader. She is already walking better than ever on a leash. She even ate her dinner out of her bowl all by herself. And she is really getting the hang of sit and stay. I cannot say enough good things and this is only our first day!

Sheila P., Montgomery Village, MD

When Jim got to our house, our 50 lb. weimaraner was standing on the dining room table (per normal), by the time Jim left the house, our dog Ike was practicing waiting at the bottom of the stairs until I told him he could come up. I would not have believed it if I had not been there!

-Alison A., Montgomery Village, MD

Very natural techniques to employ. Brutis immediately showed improvement in his behavior with regards to obeying commands and stopped the nipping and biting.

-Carol A., Woodbine, MD

I have been working with animals for the majority of my life, so when we adopted a third dog and started having some issues, I was a bit skeptical about hiring a trainer. I am SO SO happy we decided to go ahead with a professional trainer. Jim helped explain how things really change with the “pack dynamic” and we have seen great results because of it!! I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who is seeking help for their fur baby’s behavior. Jim does a great job of explaining and making sure his customer’s “humans” understand everything!

-Alyssa V., Gaithersburg, MD

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